These are the most frequently asked questions asked by our customers:

• Can I add more than 25 products? What's my limit

Yes, your project includes up to 25 products that are initially setup for you. Thereafter the shopping cart can accept an unlimited amount of products. The administrator of the site can access the backend control panel of the online store and add unlimited amount of products manually. The products can be added individually or in bulk by uploading products’ details into a csc format spreadsheet document.

How many categories am I able to setup??

Your project includes up to 10 categories that are initially setup for you. In addition, the shopping cart can accept an unlimited amount of categories and/or sub-categories.

The administrator of the site can access the backend control panel of the online store and add unlimited amount of categories/sub-categories manually. The categories/sub-categories can be added individually or in bulk by uploading categories’ information into a csc format spreadsheet document.

The category can include unlimited sub-categories, where those sub-categories can include their own list of sub-categories as well.

e.g.: Category:

Clothes (Main category)
• Shirts (Sub-category: level1)
• Short Sleeves Shirts (Sub-category: level2)
• Shirt 1 (product)
• Shirt 2 (product)
• Long Sleeves Shirts (Sub-category: level2)
• Jackets (Sub-category: level1)

• What is a payment gateway? Do I need one?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers.It is the equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located in most retail outlets.

Yes, in order to process online payments on the online store, the admin. Must have a registered payment gateway account associated with the business.

All transactions are processed in real time and all revenue is deposted on the payment gateway account.

Pinnacle cart support a list of different payment gateway providers that we can integrate within the store.

PayPal | Authorize.Net | Google Checkout | Intuit QuickBooks | Merchant Service | 2Checkout | Chase Paymentech | DataCash | Fast Transact | Echo Inc | iTransact | NetBilling | First Data | Global Gateway (Formally LinkPoint) | SagePay | NTPNow | Shift4 | PSiGate | ViaKLIX | Transaction Central | Moneris | WorldPay | Pay Junction | USAepay | eProcessing Network | Amazon Payments | (SimplePay) | SecurePay | MoneyBookers (Skrill) | Pivotal Payments | PayLeap.

• Can I modify content pages on my own?

Yes, within the backend control panel, you are be able to modify and make changes to all content pages, as well as add additional content pages.

• Can I apply wholesale pricing on my store based on products or quantity?

Yes, you can apply wholesale pricing based on products or quantity.

• Can I apply coupon codes functionality to my store?

• Yes, the application includes coupon codes functionality, allowing your customers to enter coupon codes in order to receive discounts or promotions.

• Can I use gift certificates in my online store?

Yes, the application includes gift certificates functionality, allowing your customers to send gift certificates via e-mail to recipient(s). All gift certificates will include a link to the store, where the recipient(s) can shop around and use the credit amount originally purchased.

• Can I obtain live shipping rates from my preferred shipping company? What do I need to do in order to set this up?

Yes, the application includes functionality to add shipping modules form your preferred shipping company such as UPS, USPS, FedEx and Canada Post. In order to set it up, you need to register an account with the desired company, and simply fill in the account information within the backend, in order to activate this option instantly.

• Can I make specific products unavailable for a certain time?

Yes, the application does allow you to set some products to hidden on the site, and to be displayed when they become available without the need to re-enter them from the backend.

• Can I manage a stock level on my online store? To what extent?

Yes, the application includes functionality to manage your stock level within the backend. Your stock level can be managed on the level of products and/or individual/combination of attributes. For example, if you have an online clothing store, you can set a stock level for your shirts products in total, or you can specify a stock level for the XL shirts in white and for all other sizes and colors (as attributes) in combination.

• Can I enter my own SEO information for my categories, products and pages?

Yes, the application allows you to enter SEO information within the backend control panel for each of your categories, products and pages, if desired.

• Can I have any scripts, slide shows or animations of any kind?

Since the application can be fully modified including all pages and products, you can access the source code and CSS directly from the backend. With basic knowledge in HTML or JavaScript, you can add any animation or scripts to your online store.

• Can I have more than 1 picture for my product(s)?

Yes, we can add more images per product.

• Can I sell digital products on my online store?

Yes, the application allows you to sell digital files on your online store. When adding a product, you can specify this product as ‘Digital' within the main section, which will automatically provide you with a path and a browse button to submit the file.

You can either provide a download path if the file is placed on an external location, to download this product after purchase, or simply upload the digital product directly onto the pinnacle cart application, where customers can download it directly from.

• Can I apply different taxes on different products?

Yes, you can. Tax rates can be set on a product level or by state or country.

• Can I change the products that show on the main landing page?

Yes, the application allows you to set this option for each product, to choose which products are displayed on the main page.

• Can I create multiple administrator logins to the backend for my employees? Can I set them on different levels with different privileges?

Yes, the application allows you to add different administrator logins on different levels. You can set different privileges accordingly within a preset list, for each user to only access specific sections within the backend area.

• Can my customers leave testimonials or reviews?

Yes, the application includes the functionality to add reviews and testimonials for your products.

• Can I have a Facebook ‘Like' button on my products?

Yes, the application includes the functionality to display the ‘Like' button from Facebook, which will instantly ‘Like' the product from your site and be displayed on their live feed. We can also place a social media buttons on your side to link to your Facebook page/account.

• Can I enter YouTube Videos on my products pages? Or content pages?

Yes, you can. All YouTube videos can be embedded within the content pages, or product pages.

• Is there a way to create a customer login, so if people come back to reorder, their purchase information is stored? Is it possible with a customer ID to have access to this information?

Yes, it is possible. Once a customer registers an account, the customer’s billing and shipping addresses are saved within the created profile to access at anytime, it will also include the purchase history which lists all previous orders made on this account.

• We have a customer (butcher) who wants to sell his product online, and then have his customer come in to his shop to pick it up. They will put in cart and pay but there will be no product to "ship". How can we build the site so this will work best on his end?

Yes, in this case there will simply be no products to ship, but all products can be added to the cart as per normal procedure. A message can be displayed across the site and within the shipping policy specifying that all products are pickup only and cannot be shipped by mail.

• What is involved with the backend payment process? What type of information do they need to have on the backend to start selling? (Do they have to have PayPal or merchant services set up?)

To start selling on their site, customers need a payment gateway account associated/registered with the business. Once a payment gateway is registered, and depending on the type of the gateway, specific account information will be required to setup and integrate within the online store, in order to start processing payments.

• If they have a product (ex: tile) that has 100 different colors, does that count as 100 different items?

No, each color of the 100 is considered an attribute and not a product. These colors can be displayed in the form of a drop down menu within the product’s details page. Every unique SKU Code/Product ID is considered a unique product.

• If a company has locations in England and Canada, are we able to change the money to Euro and Canadian Dollar?

Yes, Pinnacle cart allows you to set different currencies on site. all currencies will be listed within an ‘International’ tab which includes all currencies and/or languages supported on site.

• In the settings on Pinnacle for Doba, there is an auto update feature that states, "To auto-update inventory, you will need to setup a cron job on your server. Once you have done this, you can activate this feature. For more information on setting up a cron job, please contact your hosting company's customer service department."
Can we set up a cron job on our server? Which information would we need from the customer?

Unfortunately, with shared servers we are not allowed to run Cron jobs on them. Cron jobs is a term used to describe any ‘timed action', such as automated updates (in this case), or automated email blasts, upload/download, etc.
This can only be possible if the site was placed on a dedicated server and not shared, which requires more setup, monthly charges, administration, maintenance, etc…

• A customer wants to set a value of $0.00 for shipping in the US and an international rate of $7.00. Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. Shipping can be based off different criteria; one of them is shipping by Country.

• Can our e-commerce sites include audio files? We have a potential customer who wants to do an audio description of the products that he is selling.

Yes, we can link audio files within the pages of pinnacle cart. A player must be created to play these files.

• A potential customer wants to know if we are able to integrate shipwire.com technology with our e-commerce website design.

Shipwire is compatible with Pinnacle Cart and can be configured within the application. Please have a look at the link below which provides you with more information regarding your question:

• The customer would like portions of the website in English, portions in Spanish, and some portions in Portuguese. For the regular Marketing sites, we're told we cannot create content in other languages. Is this the same for e-commerce? If the customer provides the translated content, would this be acceptable?

If these portions of text/different languages are within the e-commerce portion (categories, products names, etc…) then no, as all information within these sections must be in one language only whether it’s English, Spanish of Portuguese.

However, within the description of the product or content pages, it is possible to mix different languages. This is because the text is inserted by copy and paste. Mixed languages on an e-commerce site is possible; it just depends on what parts of the site exactly.

• I have an e-commerce customer that has many pictures of different flower arrangements that she would like to display on her website. All of the pictures won't necessarily be products that she will be selling, but she wants to show the customers what she could potentially do. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a photo gallery that would contain 40-70 images?

A photo gallery can be done in two different ways.
We can include a photo gallery in a slide show format which includes all pictures for different flower arrangements.

Or, we can turn the entire online store into a photo gallery site with all pictures listed within different categories featuring different pictures per arrangement. However, this option would apply to the full site and will eliminate the ecommerce/shopping cart functionality by removing the ‘Add to cart’ option along with all ecom. Related options.

• Do we support Intuit Quickbooks POS? His previous provider (Network Solutions) keeps timing out during 6000 line item transfer while updating.

Pinnacle Cart does support QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks Online and it can be integrated within Pinnacle Cart to manage transactions seamlessly, eCC and eCC Cloud automatically transfer your sales details and record the transactions in the appropriate accounts, so you'll always be on top of your cash flow and business health. You can also post order details to QuickBooks to create a sales receipt or invoice as well as recording taxes discounts, store credit, gift certificate, etc. in QuickBooks

• Can a customer have an additional login for wholesalers? They want to provide different pricing for wholesalers vs. customer.

There are no options to set a different type of user level as a wholesaler through registration. All users will register within the same process. However, we can set wholesale pricing across the site when purchasing bulk products, etc… so enabling wholesale pricing is available. We can also set promo codes that will trigger special pricing for these wholesalers. These promo codes can be entered within the checkout process to trigger a specific rate of discount.

• Do we have the ability to house 10,000 different products?

The shopping cart is able to handle this amount of products but it might cause some server issues, including:

1. All e-commerce projects are placed on a shared environment/hosting. The loading time will be very slow and will eventually timeout during navigation.

2. Otherwise, a dedicated server can be setup for the site; however, it would require high/on average monthly charges, setup fees and monthly administration to keep and maintain the server.

3. It will require a special/custom products/submission file to be created and provided to the client, so the client can provide all products’ details.

For the above reasons, we do not normally accommodate such requests.

• Can we accept Canpar as a shipping company?

Not as a live shipping module; Pinnacle Cart only accepts USPS, UPS, Canada Post and FedEx as live modules. Live modules connect directly to the vendor and display live rates on site.

Canpar rates can be entered manually by the administrator, so users can proceed with the shipping charges (Canpar); however, these rates will not reflect the actual live rates from Canpar. If anything changes, the administrator will need to change these rates within the backend accordingly.

• Do we have the option of setting up a personalization tab on individual items on an ecommcerce site? For example, if someone is selling checks and the customer wants their company name and address etc on it. Can we have that option with particular items?

Yes, this is possible. We can include entry fields within the product’s page, which allows customers to enter their data. (e.g. customer’s name, address, etc…) Entry fields can differ in size and length of characters accepted.

• I have a Cx who doesn’t want to use a payment gateway or one of the shipping partners we offer. Can we still run the store without a payment gateway? He wants to gather his customers’ payment info over the phone or email and run the card at his business location - and then ship it out himself. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. Pinnacle Cart supports an option to place an order, without actually proceeding to make a payment. It will save all order information within the backend, and it is the owner’s responsibility to collect payment.

Please keep in mind that all order information saved within the backend will not include billing information such as credit card information, as it is the company’s policy not to save and/or transfer any financial information online. The customer can gather all information over the phone, etc…and enter it manually off the site.

• Under this solution my client can use his pre-existing PayPal shopping cart, right? Also, if I need to place a conversion code and analytics on the Thank You page, would I send that to you to insert?

It is possible to include that code within the thank you page. The code should be provided by the client to the WC, and on to the designer who will place this code on specific page(s) as per instruction.

In regards to the gateway, the client needs to have a payment gateway account and NOT a payment gateway shopping cart. We simply need specific account credentials (depending on the type of the gateway) in order to set it up.

• Can we migrate products and categories information from Miva Merchant to Pinnacle Cart?

Products and categories can be exported into a CSV format from a Miva Merchant account. An example of a file that includes products and categories information can be found here: http://www.mivamerchant.com/pdf/quickstartguide.pdf

However, there is no import of customers’ information in Pinnacle Cart. Customers must register in Pinnacle Cart shop again.

Images can be uploaded via FTP but in this case they should be renamed according to http://support.pinnaclecart.com/manual/index.html?bulk_images_using_ftp.htm.

Otherwise, images can be uploaded manually and for each product separately.

• Customer will know the tax rate for their own state; isn't the consumer taxed on where the product is shipped to?

Each state is different with how they require businesses to pay tax. We always advise customers to check with their accountants before providing us with the rate/approach. It really depends on the type of business/products the online store is selling along with some per-state regulations.
On regular bases, customers charge tax based on the shipping address; however, (and again, depending on the type of the online business) customers within the same state as the store, are the only ones paying taxes usually. Any other shipping addresses outside that origin state will pay no tax.
This is not something that we can determine or advise on, but the above are examples of scenarios that we have worked on in the past.

• Is the description added on the product or category level?

Both, the product description is displayed on the product level, once a product is selected, the page will include full product description along with all attributes, additional images, recommended products’ list (if any) and reviews.

A description can also be added on the category level, once a category is selected, the description is displayed at the top section of the page, then the list of all items within with the category will be listed underneath the description.

• A customer that is looking to find out if he can have a reservation area on his site. What he is looking for is to have a place for his customers to fill out a reservation, and then pay with their credit card.

Yes, this is doable. We can create a custom form and connect it with the payment gateway of choice. Please confirm with the client that the registration date and/or details will not be saved within a backend control panel of any sort; once a payment is processed successfully, a notification email will be received with the details/information entered and a receipt of payment.

• "I have a special rate with Canada Post. Meaning when I ship with them, I need to login and use their E-tool to get special discount rate. Will it work too the way you set it up?"

This is a question for Canada Post and not something that we can determine in development.

If the client is going with a live shipping module to integrate the Canada Post module within the site, then we enter the client’s account information and it will display any rates/data from Canada Post based on the account’s information entered, including the shipping origin address and any other data that would affect the rates displayed. The client might choose specific settings on the Canada Post side, example: not to offer over night shipping, etc…) with this being said, it most likely will carry on any discount/special rates. Again, we cannot verify and confirm this and it is a question that can only be answered by Canada Post themselves.

• I have a customer that has a Pinnacle Cart but is not interested in selling any items online. They simply want the ability to manage their products themselves using the backend. At the moment, each item has "Call for price" as the price for each item. She doesn't want everyone to be calling for pricing information. She also doesn't want "0.00$" displayed as the price. The customer requested to have "Call for price" changed to "come in to our stores to see more items like this!". can we change that?

Yes, this is possible in the new release which is what we are using right now. We can enable the ‘ask for price’ option which will hide all prices across the site and removes the ‘add to cart’ button, we can also change the text ‘call for price’ to anything else the client desires.

• The customer has two different emails, one for information, and one for payment info; can we link the payment info to a different email address?

Yes, that is possible. We can set different email addresses for different notifications.

• The customer is wondering if we can have a small phrase "Starting at:" beside each product price. I've made a sample screenshot to show you what they mean. Being that this would be a custom project and required for each product, including any new products he adds, I wouldn't believe this is possible but I thought I should ask.

We cannot change it in the spot where you stated, within the landing page. However, we can change it inside the product’s page, where it would normally state ‘Price’; it will now say ‘Starting from’ or whatever copy we need to put in there. This would apply on all products across the site.

• Show/display ALL product lines there where each individual product when clicked, it will direct the customer to the product. Not sure if customer is saying he wants all his products listed when a guest selects each category. If so, can we do this? I think his goal is for a guest to be able to select any product even if it's in a different category.

I believe that the client is referring to displaying all products within the home page. If this is correct, then yes, we can absolutely display all existing products on the main page. We can also control how many products show per page on this landing page (home).

I would not recommend all products to show on all categories (if this is what the customer is asking); this would eliminate the purpose of multiple categories and it could get quite confusing. If the client requests this however, we are able do it.

• Can we create a custom form using the built in application, and can it be added to the Special Order page if the customer has already created it?

We can absolutely add an existing form for the client, but that means we cannot modify what has been created as it will take us longer time to debug and fix rather than to create it from scratch. We can certainly create custom forms for the client, but the concern is to how ‘custom’ this form would be. If the form can be coded and developed in-house, with nothing over the top and not considered majorly custom, then we will be able to accommodate.

• We have a customer who works with photographs. He wants to build a site that allows a customer to upload a photo, use his technology to make changes to the photo (edit the photo and/or put onto a canvas or blocks) and then place an order online.
Do we have the ability for a customer to upload onto one of our e-commerce sites?

No, unfortunately it cannot be included within the e-commerce portion. We can create a separate custom page for the client to send these pictures individually, but:

1. This will require additional charges.
2. It will be a separate system from the e-commerce functionality.

• I have a customer who is selling e-books. How will that work?

In the backend, in the 'Add a new product' page, on the first tab under 'Digital Product', you mark this product as 'Digital Product', which will list this product on site as a downloadable product. Within the same section, you get to provide a file path or upload an actual file onto the system. This is the actual file that will be downloaded on purchase.

Once the client processes a payment for this order including this digital product, the client will receive a popup window to download this product.

• How does the Wholesale section of Pinnacle Cart work? We went to the following sections: Cart Settings / Cart Information / Whole Sale Settings and were a little confused as to what each tab was asking us to fill out?

On that section, click on the drop down menu under Wholesale Settings:

1) Add discounts at the product level: this will allow you to enter discounts based on the quantity of the one product. This can be set/modified by adding a new product, clicking on the ‘Quantity Discounts’ tab within the product’s page. This will be set by entering a minimum/maximum range, the discount amount or percentage.

2) Calculate discounts globally: in this option you will set a global discount rate to be applied across the site. We can further setup this section by filling up the section below it with a global percentage.

Another section to add a global discount across the site, is by going to the marketing tab at the top menu, then choose ‘Global Sale Pricing’. This allows you to enter a discount rate/percentage to be applied across the site.

• We have a customer who is going to cancel their site if we cannot do a certain thing. He sells Car Liners and wants to have on the home page 3 drop down boxes. 1. Make 2. Model 3. Year. After the customer chooses these it will bring them to the product page that will give them their options for this description. Can we do this and if so how? I need to know ASAP as the customer is a little antsy.

Unfortunately, the site cannot be customized as per the options you mentioned. Customers can use the search/advanced search functionality to look through products, as well as using the manufacturer drop down menu (which can be called something else), which would filter through products. Otherwise, we cannot apply the modifications you specified.

• How do I change the priority of how products are displayed?

From the admin area of your cart, click Products & Categories > Browse Product or Browse Categories and locate the product or category you're looking to edit.

From the product screen, scroll down towards the bottom of the page and expand the Additional Settings and change the Priority to the desired number. This is used to control where the product appears under the category listing. The lower the number, the higher the priority. Make sure to save your changes.

Note: It is also possible to set the priority when adding a new product or creating a new category by expanding the Additional Settings. And keep in mind that the assigned priority number for a product listed in multiple categories will be used to determine the order in all categories.

Now, in the admin menu of your cart, click Cart Settings > Appearance & Content > Catalog Settings and make sure you're on the Catalog Page Views tab. Change the List Products By option to Best Match (priority) and save your changes.

• I have received a request to change the title "Price:" label on the product page to say "Price per lb." and also the "Quantity" to say "lbs." - Is this possible? I tried going into the source on the product page, and changing the label code; however nothing happens? Is this possible to change within Pinnacle?

Yes it is possible,
Login to the backend > top menu select ‘Cart Settings’ > ‘Global Cart Settings’ > ‘Language and Currencies’ > select the ‘Language’ tab > you’ll notice the English Language on there, on the right side of it, click on the little paper icon to edit > next page, under the ‘Edit Messages below’ click on the drop down menu for the ‘Message Category’ > select ‘Product’ from the drop down menu > scroll down and you’ll find fields for both price and quantity > change these accordingly and save.

The above will change those titles as per your request,

Here are some important and key questions to ask customers on the initial call:

• Would your store have the option of a Guest checkout? As well as a registered customers checkout? Or can purchases only be made by registered customers?

• Do you have a merchant account setup already?

• Do you require a shipping module integrated on site? If yes, do you have an account created?

• Do you maintain a stock level on your online store? Details?

• Do you need to have coupon codes functionality on site?

• Do you need to have gift certificates enabled on site?

• Do you support wholesales pricing?

• Would you want a slide show included on site?

• Would you want any YouTube videos displayed on site?